Crooked Mouth Records


Wednesday January 27th, 2010

Ok it’s been a while but we thought we would let you know a few things we are planning for 2010!

Re-release of the acclaimed debut ‘Postcards from Nowhere’ by Grant Campbell

Release of the fourth album from Grant Campbell

No release dates are confirmed as yet but expect to see ‘Postcards from Nowhere’ to be available in CD format this half of 2010 and the new album in the latter half.

We have a few other projects we are also working on but will reveal more in the coming months.

In the meantime you can (legally) download / purchase the following albums from various outlets including :

‘Postcards from Nowhere’ – Grant Campbell (2005) – Download only
‘Beyond Below’ – Grant Campbell (2007)
‘Expecting Great Things’ – Grant Campbell (2009)
‘A Brief History of Things to Come’ - Grant Campbell (2009) – Sampler album